Siemens SIMATIC HMI (Human Machine Interface) panels are used to monitor and control the production process in industrial systems. The HMI usually features a (touch) panel with built-in processor, memory and several communication ports. The HMI translates the data from the machine to provide the user with the information needed to operate the machine. In addition the HMI issues warnings and alarms. The user can control the machine using the HMI. This way they can switch off certain parts, read out production numbers or adjust speeds.

Types of panels

Several types of panels are offered in the Siemens HMI series.  Depending on the application, the panels can be divided in the following categories:

  • Basic panels
  • Comfort panels
  • Key panels
  • Mobile panels

Basic panels

Basic panels are intended for simple HMI applications.  The panels have, depending on the type, a touch or key control. The minimum diameter for these panels is 4 inches and the maximum diameter is 12 inches. The display visualizes the data in a user-friendly way and can display a maximum of 64.000 colours. The most popular basic panels in our range:


Comfort panels

The comfort panels are the most recent HMIs of the SIMATIC series. These panels feature a widescreen display with touch function and have a minimum diameter of 4 inches and a maximum diameter of 22 inches. These HMIs are suitable for the most intense HMI tasks. Siemens won a production design award for this product in 2012. The most popular comfort panels in our range:


Key panels

Key panels are characterized by their large coloured buttons in combination with a display. The buttons can be programmed to save time when operating. The key panels offer maximum flexibility through a wide range of parameter options. These key panels can provide a time saving of 60%!

The most popular Key Panels in our range :


Mobile panels

Mobile panels are extremely suitable when mobility is required in the work environment. This series is supplied both standard and wireless. The panel has a broad action field through the use of multiple access points.

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