PLC repair

UNIS Group has extensive experience in the repair of the modules below:

  • CPUs
  • I/O modules
  • Power supplies
  • Interface cards
  • Programmer devices
  • Industral PCs
  • Industrial networks
      • Profibus
      • Profinet
      • Ethernet
      • ASI-bus
      • Interbus
    • CAN-bus
    • Device Net
    • RS422/485
    • Sercos


All connections on the electronics are, if possible, carefully tested. You will receive up to 2 years warranty on the repair.

Connections such as:

  • Analogue in- and output
  • Temperature inputs
  • Power supply (under power)
  • Communication connections
  • Encoders
  • Programmer connections

With CPUs the following tests are carried out:

  • Memory test by loading a program;
  • Memory test by disconnecting the power;
  • Controlling the in- and output modules / communication modules that are connected to the processor, when necessary