UNIS Group repairs more than 41,000 parts a year. Repair departments are located at the headquarters in the Netherlands and in China, Brazil and the United Kingdom. The English repair department is located in Northampton. Professional engineers repair at component level, supported by advanced measuring and test equipment. We are specialists in the repair of both end-of-life as well as new electronics. Read more about the repair and test process.

Fixed prices

After the electronic part has been received, you will receive a quote. We have a database consisting of over 300,000 different industrial electronics, each with their repair price. The repair price is fixed. You know in advance the amount you have to pay.

No fix, no fee´

All repairs are carried out on a ‘no fix, no fee’ basis. In exceptional cases, when we are not able to repair your electronics, no fee will be charged. Depending on our agreement the repair will either be shipped back to you or recycled in a responsible manner.

Urgent repairs 24/7

Is your production at a standstill because of defective electronics? We can offer you a solution by carrying out urgent repairs. We will immediately start repairing the defective part on arrival at our premises.

You can choose our exchange service if a similar part is available in our stock. A cost effective option in which we send a tested spare part directly from our stock, in exchange for the defective electronics.

We offer a 24/7 service to minimise your production standstill. At an extra cost, urgent repairs are also possible after office hours and during the weekend. With a response contract, you can reduce / minimise these extra fees.

Component analysis

Delivery times are subject to availability of components. When components required for a repair are not in our stock, it is hard to meet the delivery time. To minimise the risk of components being out of stock, we have taken the following precautions:

  • We have an automated order system for components. When a minimum stock level has been reached, components are automatically ordered.
  • All unknown industrial electronics are analysed by our Component Analysis Department. Components that are not in stock are purchased.

UNIS Group has a stock of over 38,000 different components.

Preventative maintenance

Not only are the defective components replaced during a repair, but also time critical components are replaced as standard. This significantly reduces the chance of a new defect in the future.

Preventative replacement of time critical components prevents other components becoming defective and minimises the risk of a final defect of the electronics.

We also offer preventative maintenance as a separate service. The chance of production standstill is minimised considerably when your electronics have had preventative maintenance procedures. Instead of being unpleasantly surprised you can plan the maintenance yourself.

Please contact our sales team for personalised advice on how we can help you.

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