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SEW-EURODRIVE is a German company specialising in drive and control technology. In particular, the company is active in the Dutch production industry and in the logistics sector. The company sells products, provides services and offers solutions for, among other things, drive technologies at a national and international level.

The history of SEW

Süddeutsche Elektromotorenwerke, SEW, was established in 1931. In the beginning, the company mainly focused on electric engines. During the years, SEW specialized in various services and products. These products include electronically controlled drives, drive solutions and gears.

SEW repairs

UNIS Group technicians repair SEW electronics at component level, supported by advanced measuring and testing equipment. Both new series and end-of-life electronics are professionally repaired.

SEW Test systems

Thanks to the test systems used by UNIS Group, SEW electronic devices can be tested before being sent back to our customers.

SEW Stock

UNIS Group has large numbers of new and used (reconditioned) SEW electronics in stock: