Industrial projects

UNIS Group has a Research and Development (R&D) Department that is specifically established to solve technical problems. Our skilled technicians start their projects in collaboration with the customer. These projects are extremely diverse, with a wide range of industrial applications.

Redesign of existing electronics

We produce custom-made (end-of-life) electronics based on your specific needs. This prevents you from having to invest in an entirely new system; instead, we will alter the electronics of your existing trusted machine and ensure that it will remain operational. If the electronics you need are obsolete, we can also conduct a thorough analysis and redesign them for you.

Developing specific test systems

We also build test systems upon request. These allow us to thoroughly test all kinds of specific repairs planned for our customers at our R&D department. A problem sometimes seen with regard to modules is that the connection data and/or controls of the software are unknown. We can develop tests for these cases as well, which will make the modules testable.

Do you have a specific project or an issue in your production environment? We would be happy to help with a solution. Please feel free to contact us without any obligation. Our expert technicians are at your service.