Processing biological, medical or veterinary samples automatically

In a clinical laboratory, faultless working is of utmost importance. Accuracy and reproducibility of measurements are essential. Even though a lab technician may be working in a skilled and concentrated manner, making mistakes is human. This should be avoided as far as possible in an environment where mistakes or unwanted ‘contaminations’ can have major consequences, if only for a proper test result. The fully automated Acaros Bio-Med-Vet system helps you process samples step by step.

From now on, count on constant quality – without unwanted deviations

Cleaner, more precise, faster. These are clear advantages of the Acaros Bio-Med-Vet system compared to ‘manual’ or semi-automatic. Our specialist – literally – takes everything out of your hands, from software engineering, laboratory-quality ‘hardware’, practical analysis equipment to expert guidance in the daily application.

Not one system, but several modules each with its own task

The Acaros Bio-Med-Vet has been specially developed for the important yet complex and time-consuming process of working with measured amounts of liquids in a research laboratory, a medical or pharmaceutical test setup. The basic module manages and executes the logistics. For each specific analysis method, the system can be configured or expanded for that task. A great advantage, because you can safely apply and integrate proven techniques into this setup.

You now have a number of independent systems that work together and communicate with existing analysis methods and data systems, such as LIMS. With the use of Acaros Bio-Med-Vet, accumulated experience with research and data collection will not be lost. You only provide a valuable, smart and cost-effective addition.

Basic module, universally deployable

The Basic Module is the beating heart of any automation in a laboratory, both before and after the analysis. It can process various types of tubes and tube holders on universal platforms (USP) and can therefore be used anytime, anywhere. It is the basic module that controls the integrated analysis equipment and collects the information generated there.

Different modules for various laboratory applications

Acaros Bio-Med-Vet can easily be expanded with different separate modules for additional functions. For example, optical control, centrifuge, storage, cleaning tubes and transport channels for new use. For instance, the Jota Module can optically assess, distribute and finally label tubes. The Storage Module captures peak loads in one or more ‘buffers’, thereby instantly increasing the Acaros Bio-Med-Vet processing capacity. This module is also suitable for temporary storage of primary and secondary tubes, for instance, and if necessary, under different temperature conditions. Finally, centrifuge processing is an important step in pre-analysis. The Centrifuge Module does this in a controlled and fully automatic way, including supply, drainage, weighing and tarring.

Integration with other data systems

The information collected by the automated Acaros Bio-Med-Vet system can be delivered in the preferred format and where you want it, on the User Interface, on paper or in a linked data system.

Are you interested?

If you want to know more about automatic and accurate analysis and measurement, please contact us. Our Acaros Bio-Med-Vet specialist will be happy to visit you on location to discuss the benefits, opportunities and applications.