Metal analysis more efficient, safer, more complete

The spectrotest analysis machine moves towards the products, not the other way around

SpectroTest is a mobile analysis system to measure the composition and quality of metal.

In the automated setup that controls the metal products, the probe – necessary for the spark deposit in the test – moves towards the product. Instead of the other way around, with all the risks and time that entails. The probe is located at the end of an 8-metre-long, flexible cable, which allows the measuring instrument itself to stand remotely from the production line, for example, and it can withstand extreme conditions.

Thanks to all these ‘robot’ properties, the SpectroTest is the ideal tool to perform a spectral analysis through an automated setup, keeping the instrument at a distance. The applications, for example on a production line, are practically endless. The Van Gelder Engineering, member of UNIS Group, SpectroTest specialist will be happy to help you put together the right and most effective setup.

The system is more than a stand-alone measuring instrument. An automated SpectroTest setup takes all the work out of your hands, from preparing the product to cleaning the electrodes afterwards.

Automated – so good for 100% quality control, also online

The use of SpectroTest equipment is an important step towards total quality control. It allows 100% control of all individual products. The SpectroTest-based, fully automated product analytics system makes it easy to collect data immediately. The system can then immediately make this data available for further analysis, or forward it to other levels within the company.

Careful preparation, for clear measurement results

Careful product preparation, without the risk of ‘contamination’, is a prerequisite for a useful analysis. In most cases, a standard grinding operation is sufficient to clean the surface to be measured, prior to a reliable measurement of the product or semi-finished product. In order to increase the production capacity of the SpectroTest system, cleaning the surface and performing the measurement can be synchronised by, for example, simultaneously measuring the first product while the next product is already being cleaned.

Safe to operate remotely

The operator can operate the entire system from a control room. A safe idea, for example when the production process takes place in a risky, dangerous environment. The calibration can also be carried out automatically by the system itself to facilitate intermediate calibration.

Are you interested?

If you are interested to know how this system can contribute to your quality control, please contact us. Our SpectroTest specialist will be happy to visit you on site to discuss the benefits, opportunities and applications, plus the options to adapt the system to your wishes and requirements.