Laboratory automation

Juggling between different projects, a limited budget and the pressure to achieve results can cause a lot of problems within a laboratory.

Automating your laboratory prevents unnecessary stress in the workplace, while improving the overall efficiency of your processes.

Benefits of laboratory automation:

  • Safer working conditions
  • Methods and data are fully reproducible, traceable and shareable
  • Reducing transport movements and manual, repetitive actions, giving you more time for data analysis, designing experiments and reporting
  • High reduction in errors and preventing unnecessary repeating of testing
  • High repetition accuracy
  • Optimising workflows
  • Reducing the number of steps in the process
  • Simpler sharing of results
  • Result-oriented data processing

Customisation in complex automation processes

Our expertise in laboratory automation combined with our broad industrial knowledge makes us your ultimate partner in developing and producing complete automation solutions.

A competent team of software and mechanical engineers ensures that we can offer you a total solution; from turn-key projects, sub-projects to support. We deliver tailor-made solutions that meet all your needs and are fully customised to your specific situation.

Laboratory automation types:

  • Complete quality control and sample preparation
  • Robotization
  • Automating various process steps, for example (de)capping, heating, (volumetric) diluting, homogenizing, optical level detection, sceptic piercing and control of analysis equipment
  • Adjustment of the process to gravimetric dilution, possibly with interchangeable pipettes, administration of multiple diluents of a tracer
  • Integration into your own (semi-)automation
  • Import/export of orders and/or analysis results
  • Logistics optimisation based on various parameters, like priority, minimising consumables, speed, contract agreements or a (flexible) combination thereof, using modern AI systems.
  • Modern, web-based GUI systems on your desktop or smartphone with full insight into process progress

Automation systems

Automation processes are becoming increasingly complex. The mechanical optimisation of a process requires thorough knowledge of hardware and associated systems. The engineers of Van Gelder Engineering, a member of UNIS Group, have extensive experience with process automation systems such as Process Control Systems (PCS) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS), SCADA, control technology and with programming languages like S7-AWL, S7-SCL, Java, C++, C#, Beckhoff-ST and CoDeSys.

Increasing your quality and efficiency

Automation ensures you achieve more efficiency and effectiveness. This also allows you to achieve a substantial saving in your costs. Improving your quality and returns strengthens your competitive position and allows you to continue growing. We therefore strive for the most cost-effective automation solution for every project.

Are you interested?

Please contact us if you want to know more about our project experience in your specific sector. One of our specialists will be happy to discuss the benefits, possibilities and applications with you.