Fully automatic quality control of liquid samples

The acaros analysis combination

Both diluting samples and the final analysis, all done in a flawless, multifunctional, integrated system. All the necessary operations are carried out by the Acaros Autodiluter and ICP Spectrometer combination. The system is able to process a vast number of samples per hour. The entire quality control is fully automatic, without the intervention of an operator.

This includes the following tasks:

  • Saving samples
  • Diluting samples
  • Mixing of the dilution (Vortex mixing)
  • ICP control
  • Auto-calibrating the ICP
  • Automatically validate the calibration lines with QC samples
  • Displaying the collected data
  • Sending the data to a LIMS

Ideal – a ‘one-stop’ sample preparation system

Before samples can be properly analysed, they usually need a preparatory operation. Dilution with a neutral solution, for example. Great accuracy and precision is necessary: the slightest deviation can affect the test. Accurate mixing is required to determine the homogeneity of a sample.

The system has place for control samples and calibration samples with which calibrations etc. can be done. The Acaros carries out all these actions independently, without the intervention of an operator. The desired variables can be customised thanks to the Acaros system’s versatile software and clear user interface. Special attention has been paid in the system to preventing contamination between the different samples.

The gains that can be achieved immediately:

  • Manageable operating costs
  • No risk of human error
  • Optimal use of production capacity

Control and communication

The operation of the system is clear, both manually and automatically. When you choose ‘automatic’, you can organise the tasks in a fixed order, or by means of control room commands in the quality department. Thanks to an advanced web-based user interface, communication on the established results is clearly structured. You can also move the analysis results to an external database as desired.

The system controls itself – also automatically

To validate the execution of the automatic operations, the Acaros software can enter control samples and standardisation measurements. This can be done manually, by way of sampling, or as a fixed part of the process. Every error that comes to light is automatically corrected through ICALization, standardisation, calibration. At that time, the operator receives a warning and may decide to temporarily abort the sampling series.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in how the system can contribute to your quality control, please contact us. Our Acaros specialist will be happy to visit you on location to discuss the benefits, opportunities and applications.