Fully automated quality analysis of metal samples

Spectrolab is accurate, fast and always available

SpectroLab is a high-quality analysis tool that allows you to determine the chemical composition of solids using optical emission spectrometry (OES). This method, based on spark deposits, is preferred in the metal industry worldwide to measure the chemical composition of metal. Without wasting time, efficiently and extremely accurately. OES is used by primary producers such as foundries and smelters, but also by the manufacturers to which they supply. For the end user, this is an indispensable tool in sound quality policy. The process automation of these analysis systems is in reliable hands at Van Gelder Engineering, member of UNIS Group, adapted to your requirements, from start to finish, of course. This includes targeted advice, supply of the necessary components, programming, engineering, maintenance and evaluation of the process in practice.

Spectrolab automation monitors and manages the entire quality analysis process

By expertly integrating the innovative SpectroLab with automatic sample preparation, a system is created that performs analysis on the samples 24/7, efficiently and fast. This plays an essential role in the continuous and effective quality management process.

The SpectroLab sample preparation system is involved in everything, from surface preparation prior to analysis, optical inspection (optional), labelling or identifying the sample, automatic calibration of the system and any other operations deemed useful or necessary. Our specialist is happy to advise you appropriately in this regard.

Sure and clear: spectrolab also provides time savings and safety

It is no longer necessary to transport samples through your factory, on their way to analysis. Samples can be sent automatically via tube mail to the sample preparation system and the SpectroLab, to have the analysis carried out there and to quickly deliver the results to the right place, in electronic form.

Operation – fully computer-controlled or (temporarily) manually

A sophisticated and stable ‘master program’ controls the entire SpectroLab system. A microprocessor or ‘programmable logic controller’ coordinates and monitors level 1 controls in a safe and constant and therefore low error-prone way. A level 2 PC takes care of process logistics, interaction with the user and communication with parallel or overlying business systems. For example, these are systems with which the operator controls and monitors the production process, or ERP or quality systems. Manual operation of each component is also possible at the moments you choose. The system completes the automatic operations and releases the system for manual control.

Are you interested?

If you are interested to know how the system can contribute to your quality control, please contact us. Our SpectroLab specialist will be happy to visit you on location to discuss the benefits, opportunities and applications.