On-site Service

Are you dealing with a malfunction or defect, perhaps without any obvious cause? Or do you want to know the condition of your electronics? Depending on your specific question, we will provide you with customized service on site. We will visit you as soon as possible. With our on-site service, we will determine the condition of your electronic systems on site, and give you insight into the cause of malfunctions and defects.

What service do we offer you on site?

  • Equipment inspection
  • Locating and identifying the malfunction or defect
  • Reading software, parameters and settings
  • If possible, fixing malfunctions and/or defects on-site
  • Analysing industrial networks such as PROFIBUS / PROFINET
  • Risk analysis and management of spare parts

Fast and professional

Due to our geographical distribution, our skilled technicians are quickly on site. We apply the highest quality standards and work according to a professional procedure.

Specialist service and extensive stock

Is the malfunction caused by faulty electronics? We clean, repair and test the part for you in one of our repair sites. You can also choose to exchange your defective electronics for tested electronics from our stock. This is a time- and cost-effective option in which we immediately send a tested spare part directly from stock in exchange for the faulty electronics.


Our technicians are ready for you and will be happy to visit you for a detailed problem analysis and specialist on-site service. Contact us to discuss the situation and possibilities.