Tablet counters and counter heads

08 February 2018

Tablet counters are often used in the pharmaceutical industry to fill jars with the correct quantity of pills, tablets or capsules at high speed. These machines must operate accurately in order to prevent an incorrect number of pills from being distributed.

Every counter contains parts that are susceptible to defects

At the end of the transport lines, there are two circuit boards which communicate with each other. Infrared LED’s and photo-diodes which recognise the patterns of pills, tablets, or capsules blocking the light are mounted on these printed boards. In this way, the pills are counted precisely at high speed. However, after a while, the LED’s begin to dim or the circuit boards bend, which causes them to sometimes incorrectly detect how the light is blocked.

UNIS Group supports you in the (preventive) maintenance of your counter heads:

  • We inventory and replace all LED’s and other time-sensitive components.
  • We align the LED’s with each other and with the photo-diodes.
  • We calibrate and position the electronics and precisely align the light beams with the photo-diodes, fully in accordance with the applicable specifications.
  • Our specially developed test design allows a full test of the functions of the repaired counter heads, so that these are certain to make accurate counts once re-installed in your tablet counter.
  • You will receive a 1 year warranty for the repairs carried out.
  • We have over 1,000,000 components in stock, including parts which have become outmoded over the years or parts which are no longer produced. This allows us to restore and repair your counter for many years.


If you want to know more about what we can do for you, please contact us and ask about the possibilities.