Let us repair your defective Simodrives!

25 May 2018

Simodrives are globally recognized as a highly reliable drive solution for the Automotive Industry. The drives are used throughout the whole production process in the Automotive industry. A defective Simodrive can therefore lead to serious production standstill. However we, at UNIS Group, will be happy to support in cleaning, repairing and testing your Simodrives. This means you will not have to prematurely invest in a new model and can resume production as soon as possible.

Why choose UNIS Group as your Simodrive repair service partner?

As an industrial electronics specialist, UNIS Group has all the expertise needed to repair your Simodrives. For years we have provided repair services for customers in the Automotive Industry. Next to this we have developed a unique test centre to comprehensively test Simodrives after they have been repaired. Simodrive power supplies and drive units are tested in a three day endurance test by high and continuous power up to 110 kW. This ensures that your Simodrive will be successfully repaired when it leaves our test center. If your Simodrive cannot be repaired, we also have the option to replace the defective item through our large stock of spare parts.

Therefore, thanks to our expertise in the repair industry, and our unique test centre we have been able to successfully repair more than 94% of all the Simodrives that have been sent to us.

UNIS Group offers:

  • No fix, no fee
  • Up to 2 years warranty
  • Professional and fast
  • Repair of end-of-life products
  • Fixed repair prices
  • 24/7 repair service (urgent repairs)

From PLC to frequency drives, from softstarter to industrial PCs, UNIS Group is your partner in the repair and service of industrial electronics. Are you interested in our services or curious what we can do for you? Feel free to contact our sales team and enquire about our services.