Circular from the basis

Today we can all agree that our future has to be circular. At UNIS Group we have known this for quite some time and as a result our core services are durable and circular. Since 1984 we have ensured that customers worldwide can continue using their existing systems for extended periods. We repair defective electronics, and if components are no longer available, we enter into consultation with the customer, looking for compatible alternatives.

UNIS Group gives your faulty electronics a second life!

UNIS Group offers a sustainable repair service to extend the life of your industrial equipment. We are always interested in acquiring new and used electronics. But you can also hand in your defective electronics and parts to us! You collect the parts in our Electronics Recycle Box and we will come and collect this when it is full at no expense to you. We reuse the materials as much as possible, and recycle the parts that are no longer safe  in a responsible way. We contribute to a circular industry because we give new life to outdated or faulty electronics and reuse them again in the production process.

Request the free Electronics Recycle Box

At UNIS Group, you can request a recycle box in which you can collect your faulty electronics and parts on site, easily and without obligation. You can choose between a box with a content of 77 litres, or a box with a 610 litres content. Of course, the box is made of recycled material. Once the box is full, ask UNIS Group to come and collect it from you, free of charge. We reuse the materials as much as possible, and recycle the parts that are no longer usable in a responsible way.

Would you like to join us in building a sustainable future and a circular industry? Please contact us on +44 1604 499 777 or send an email to and give your faulty electronics a new lease of life.

You can request a recycle box below right now, and completely free of charge. Just fill in the form below.